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Cam EFLS A. J. Kabla


Liquid Foams Rheology

Coworkers: J. Scheibert, G. Debregeas

The evolution of a bidimensional foam submitted to oscillating and continuous quasistatic shearing is investigated experimentally and numerically. We extract, from the images of the sheared foam, the plastic flow profiles as well as the local statistical properties of the stress field. When the imposed strain becomes larger than the yield strain, the plastic events develop large spatial and temporal correlations, and the plastic flow gets confined to a narrow shear-band. This transition and the steady-state regime of flow are investigated by first focusing on the elastic deformation produced by an elementary plastic event. This allows us to understand (1) the appearance of long-lived spatial heterogeneities of the stress field, which we believe are at the origin of the shear-banding transition, (2) the statistics of the dynamic fluctuations of the stress field induced by plastic rearrangements in steady-state regime.

Local Stress Relaxation and Shear Banding in a Dry Foam under Shear
A. Kabla and G. Debregeas
Phys.Rev.Lett. 90:258303 (2003).
Désordre et plasticité dans les milieux divisés : mousses et matériaux granulaires
Alexandre Kabla
PhD Thesis, Université Paris-Diderot - Paris VII (French)
Quasistatic Rheology of Foams: I. Response to small deformations
A. Kabla and G. Debregeas
Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 587:23-44 (2007).
Quasistatic Rheology of Foams: II. Transition to Shear Banding
A. Kabla, J. Scheibert and G. Debregeas
Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 587:45-72 (2007).

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